Shared libraries on the server

Hello to all!
I work on different computers in the office (Windows, MacOS).
I want to put all libraries in one place, on a network drive (NAS). So that all computers have one common library.
How to do it?

There is a helpful FAQ article about set up options which is a good starting point.

Make sure the NAS is powerful enough to handle the load required. KiCad footprints (and in future also symbols) are stored as one file per footprint which means there are quite a lot of file accesses required at certain times (while building the cache for example). Cheap NAS systems often don’t have the processing power to be of use for such a requirement (learnt this the hard way a few years ago).

I recommend getting real friendly with git.
MacOS is very buggy with samba shares and windows barely supports anything else so using a NAS directly will be a pain.
Set up a central source control repository and put your libraries there. Git (or almost any other vcs client) works great on all platforms. You will also get backups and version history for free.


Just to point out that MacOS, being Unix, can mount NFS shares, and that some NAS support export through Samba and NFS concurrently. Of course, there are other reasons to use Git.

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