Schematic / PCB Editor Visual Issue - Lines

WARNING: the attached photo may be hard to look at, but being that the issue is visual, it’s important to include.

I would like to preface this with the fact that I’m brand new to KiCad, and don’t know what I’m doing outside of the 5 or 6 YouTube tutorials I watched and a GitHub guide I’ve read through. I downloaded & installed KiCad yesterday, and tried to start work on my project today. I went to open the Schematic Editor after creating my project, and my view looked like the following photo.

I checked the PCB Editor and the same thing was happening in the viewport. I tried forcing either my Integrated / Dedicated graphics card to run the Schematics executable, but the lines persisted. I can’t seem to find anyone online who has faced a similar issue. Does anyone know if this is a known issue, or did I miss some obvious setup step, or if this is something else?

Some Diagnostic info incase this is a glitch and not a setup issue: This is the latest version of KiCad 7 (As of 2 / 4 / 24) for Windows, through the GitHub download link. I am running Windows 11 with an i7-10750H @ 2.60GHz, 16GB of RAM, an Intel UHD Internal Graphics Card, and an RTX 2060 Dedicated Graphics Card.

Either update your video driver or switch to Fallback graphics

Switching to fallback graphics worked, thanks for the solution!

Be warned performance with fallback is terrible because it’s all cpu drawn.

Your issue here is probably that Intel internal gpu, those are a plague. Try to update it’s driver.

If you failed to force the gpu…on a desktop PC that selection is usually by where you plug your monitor, you should be plugging them into the RTX 2060 instead of the built-in motherboard port to avoid the intel gpu doing anything at all.

Edit: O that’s a laptop, in which case it is a software selection of intel/nvidia but they tend to be buggy. The most reliable means to switch is to disable the intel gpu in bios on laptops.

You really should configure Windows to use NVIDIA GPU for KiCad to get high performance:

How to set default GPU for apps on Windows 11 - Pureinfotech

If you want to use Intel GPU, then you have to update Intel Graphics drivers.

Fallback graphics is slow and is the last resort if using the other two options is not possible for some reason.
This option should not be recommended before the other two.

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