RV16A01F-41 footprint

Dear all I’m looking for footprints for alpha Taiwan potentiometer 16mm RV16A01F-41.
Somebody have already design it?

3X2 array of holes with a spacing of 5mm in each direction? Shouldn’t be that hard to at least do that part yourself. :wink:

After that at most you need an outline on the silkscreen layer to help with placement. A simple box should be good enough in most cases. You might be able to modify Potentiometer_Vishay_148-149_Dual_Horizontal to suit your purposes.

Many of us have come to the realization that we would have been better served to learn to make footprints in the beginning because we wasted more time looking for them than we would have learning to make them. Been there. Done that with many things.


Luckily we have tutorials that aim to ease the learning experience: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?


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