Running a New and Very Old KiCad Versions


3.2 Batch script file (.bat)
Put this line in a file:
set “KICAD_CONFIG_HOME=C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\kicad5” && start /d “C:\Program Files\kicad\bin” kicad.exe

Or these two lines:
set “KICAD_CONFIG_HOME=C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\kicad5”
start /d “C:\Program Files\kicad\bin” kicad.exe

Give it a name with the type .bat, for example kicad_with_alt_conf.bat. You have to make it executable for example with the Properties dialog in the file explorer. It can be run as a command.

More help for writing batch files:

I will try these two lines above exactly as they are written, but with different directories of course:

set “KICAD_CONFIG_HOME=D:\KiCad512\Kicad”
start /d “D:\KiCad512\Kicad\bin” kicad.exe

This is what I got:



Obviously you are using the wrong double quotes.
Try these instead:

    REM Start KiCa6 6 with its own home directory
    set "KICAD_CONFIG_HOME=C:\Users\holger\AppData\Roaming\kicad6"
    start /d "C:\Program Files\KiCad-nightly-6\bin" kicad.exe

If posted as simple text, the text editor mangles the double quotes.


Thank you for your remark.
I didn’t notice the “o” and “o” that replaced the double quotes because I wrote the MS bat commands by using the official MS Notepad.

I will look in depth about how the double quotes of MS Notepad are interpreted by MS cmd.exe after I finish my first project on v5.1.2-1.

Now, I launch V5 by a shortcut (placed on Desktop), And I am able to launch, at the same time, a very old KiCad *.pro by double-clicking on it (note: I unchecked the file association when installing V5).


May I suggest using notepad++ ( that is much more dedicated to program writing.


Sorry, I thought about replying about the quotes but forgot it. If you copy something from this forum’s posts the quotes may be wrong. The forum software automatically ( = idotically) changes the quotes when something is pasted to the post when it’s written. It has bitten people earlier. It’s not of course the only software which may do it.

Any maintainer listening? Is there some switch to make the forum not to change anything?


You are right to be surprised. Many before were too :slight_smile:
I am an old fashioned engineer (70 years now) :frowning: I used to work with the simplest programs whenever it is possible. On the other hand, I am not allowed to download most of the new programs (free or paid, released worldwide). For example, I still depend on the old package “BorlandC 3.1” which I bought in the 80’s to write, till now, my small programs for DOS (much like scripts).

When the version of an available program cannot fulfil some functions I really need at work, I have no choice but looking for a new version of it. KiCad is one example.
Although I am very pleased while working with KiCad BZR2356 (since 2010), I had to be familiar with the new version. The reason is to generate Gerber 274X file(s). I used to depend on a nearby PCB service (in my neighbourhood) that uses rather old methods to produce 1-layer PCB. Naturally, most of its produced PCB had various sorts of faults, but I had no other option.
Now, I am able to contact a modern service in a nearby city (why I couldn’t do it earlier… has its own story too). They asked me to send them the files of Gerber 274X.
I have the impression that this new Gerber standard was introduced after the release of KiCad BZR2356. So to be on the safe side, I decided that it is time to learn and draw my new projects (also redraw my old important ones) using the newest stable KiCad version (5.1.2-1 now).
(I hope I will not need redrawing my new project, made on V5, for V6 :slightly_smiling_face:)


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