RS-274-X Gerber


Short version: How do I output Gerber files in RS-274-X format?

Longer version: I’ve previously ordered and received a board from AllPCB and even though I’m using the same plot options as the previous board for the Gerber files of this new board, the manufacturing house claims that they can’t read the files because of the format being something else than RS-274-X.



I might have figured out what the problem is. I downloaded gerbview which only supports RS-274-X. When opening my gerber files it logged many messages about unknown data in the files. I then disabled the “Include extended (X2) attributes” in the plot dialog and it now opens without any complaints.

I’ll try to send these files to the manufacturer. I’ll update here when I know the result.

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That option needs a tool-tip, or some explanatory text, because many board houses do not yet support the “extended attributes”. I don’t know if it is selected, or un-selected, by default but I’d vote to leave it unselected.

In that same “PLOT” menu there are options for the numerical format (five decimal places versus 6), the option to redefine the origin using the auxiliary axis (this needs better explanation in the documentation!), and the option to include or exclude the outline (“Edge.Cuts”) layer from all other plotted layers. Any of these options has a potential for getting your project files rejected by a board fabricator.



Not selected by default. The low cost fabs don’t support it

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I also got a message from allpcb that the file format is not supported. I had
the option “include extended attributes” checked in the plot menu.
The kicad-pcb version is 4.0.7
In September I used allpcb too but then the kicad-pcb version was 4.0.6, no
problem then.
I have compared the 2 gerber files, the file created with 4.0.7 has 3 extra
lines in the header (or top) of the file :

Further I created for testing 2 sets of files with the above mentioned option
on and off, there is no difference in the generated files other then the time
and date of creation.

Question : is that option supposed to do anything ?