Reverse screw terminal block

I have a 20W solder and I have no idea if the original crossover has thermal relief or not, if you look at the image in post #9, that is all I can see.

It does not have thermal relief, and it is not hand soldered, so

Personally, I’d use 2mm spokes and .5 - 1mm gap which should make comfortable soldering without dry joints. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will, thank you.

I am now looking for a supplier, I was in the PCBWay site and found out min. quantity is 5 pieces, and I only need 2 :frowning:

Digikey appears to be very expensive :frowning:

Any manufacturer you can recommend for small quantities that does not cost an arm and a leg?

Also, I am not clear what does the ‘plot drawing sheet’ in the Gerber’s file options do.
Will I get the ‘Title’ I see in the project name, printed somewhere in the PCB?

No. To get that printed on your board, you will have to place it there. Use the graphic icons on the RHS of the work space. Use the F.Silkscreen or B.Silkscreen layer.

I don’t know about manufacturers, I’m on the wrong side of the world to you.

Yeah, the more I search…it does not make any difference, they are all manufactured in China, and likely the cheapest.

Thank you,

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