[Resolved] Length of selected track segments

I know there is a similar topic already created, however it does not answer my question.

I would like to know if it is possible to measure the selected track segments, I know that you can measure the entire path of a track and that you can even know the size of a track segment. but the truth is that I don’t know how to measure the distance of a group of selected track segments, do I understand?

here you can see the length of a segment, but if I select 2 or more segments I don’t see anything anymore.

This is extremely important for the adaptation of length per layer, but I don’t have how to do it.


You can use the RF tools plugin, with this you can measure the length of the selected tracks and make a good adaptation of length per layer

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So you are looking for the total length of two or more segments and you do not want to add the individual lengths together?

This is what I see for track properties in 6.0 nightly:


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yes, that’s exactly what I want. thanks, I didn’t know it was in the night version, thanks!

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Well…my 6.0 nightly version is:

  1. Older than the present 6.0X stable release.
  2. Not directly indicating the length. I would have to do the math.
  3. Showing only the length of one track segment at a time. If I select two segments I get this:


This function does not currently exist. It would be pretty easy to implement as a Python plugin though.

I have some vague recollection of a plugin that was kinda ‘Swiss Army Knife’ that had that included. (Makes not to self to start dialog about cleaning up plugin section here :wink: )

In the same way, what you indicate is the width of the track, not the length.

Maybe? @HiGreg

I’m still signed up to get notifications from direct mentions. KiCommand has a ton of unit tests and is geared toward both Python 2 and 3. I haven’t been able to update and test with KiCAD 6, but the current repo should be the latest available. It might require a modification of initialization to conform to latest KiCAD code, but the unit tests will help with integration. The tests are in order and build upon each other, so a linear review of failed tests should be possible to resolve issues effectively, I won’t be able to contribute for another 3-6 months but would be happy to help another contributor on the process.


rf tools


Thanks. I did find this and not sure if it is what the OP is looking for or not.

I still don’t know how to use the python console. with the @maui solution is enough for me


As long as you have a solution. @maui is an active member so that helps a lot. I’m surprised I remembered there was a solution at all. :wink: I don’t need complex solutions so I’ve kinda lost track of everything his program does.


You can create a Plugin to do it…


You can Enter or ‘Paste Plus’ copied code into PCBnew’s Python Console.

Example of Paste Plus: (copy Code below and Paste Plus, Select desired tracks and Press EnterKey. You should see the results. I did Not bother to Sum them for a total length but, you get the idea…

The Code:
import pcbnew
from pcbnew import *
board = pcbnew.GetBoard()
for track in board.GetTracks():
if track.IsSelected():
each = track.GetLength()
print each / 1000000



Yes I was saying

Specifically I would need to look at the end points and take the square root of ((X2-X1)^2+((Y2-Y1)^2).

Is it compatible with v6 ? (I don’t see it in the content manager) .

Answer: From the link

RF-Tools for KiCAD

compatibility: KiCAD 5.1.x

It is compatible with 6.x … I have updated the code but I forgot the README :laughing:
The code can also calculate the length of arc tracks.
There are some small issues to be refined.

ATM I haven’t had time to package the tools to be handled by the Plugin and Content Manager.
Hoping to be able to package the tool asap.

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Nice! Thanks a bunch!

For me on Win10, saving the complete folder from github into %userprofile%\Documents\KiCad\6.0\scripting\plugins did the trick.

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