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Recently, I successfully made a project from schematic through layout. Sent it off a PCB company, received the PCB in the mail over the weekend and everything worked like a charm. BUT, I noticed that the name of my project was mis-spelled. I’d like to rename all the files. I’m looking for a method to do this. Is there an auto rename or must I find all the files and rename them manually? Thanks Mike

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In main project,


Thanks for the reply. What I just tried was, I opened the schematic and did a save as newfilename. This saved just the *.sch and a *.lib file. Do I need do more? Don’t understand what is the “main project”, exactly. I opened Eeshema and did the save as. Mike

Don’t have either PCB or Schematic open. Close them and leave open only the Main panel
(I could have been clearer, sorry… Panel, not Project)

The “main project” is what pops up when you open the “.kicad_pro” (or .pro) project file, from which you can then enter your schematics or PCB.

In case that you have several schematic sheets within our project, and all the subsheets contain the same typo in the filename, then take a look at this:

OK, I understand. BUT there is no ‘save as’ in the File drop down menu. My choices are New; Open Project; Open Recent; Import Project; Archive Project; Unachievable Project; and Exit. I should mention I’m using version 5.1.4-1. Thanks for the help, Mike

UPDATE Kicad!!!

You know I should and I would like too, BUT, seems every time I update there is a bunch of extra things that need to be done so that my old files will work with the new program. I updated from a version 4 something to this 5.1.4 some time ago and I had a boat load of trouble. Do you think that going to version 6 might be easier? I’m an old man and am not the best at change. Mike

I’m 73, old-school.

v6 is a much easier upgrade (much) but, can’t say if going from v5 to v6 is as clean/simple as going from v6.0.1 to v6.0.9… but, the effort will be worth it…

I just looked at updating and you need at least windows 8.1. I use windows 7. I’m not going that far. I’ll just live with the wrong filename. Thanks for the help, Mike

Then look at my posts on this page

Thanks, I give that a try. Mike

Getting old is not as easy as one thinks, I’m 76 and still learning how things work. My main hobby is working with OLD computers, such as the DEC PDP8E. I’ve made a few interfaces between the DEC and other devices like my ARS33, a paper tape drive, a raspberry PI. My last project, mentioned above was a dual baud rate generator for the PDP8E. Now I can plug in, either my ASR33 or my CIT-101 monitor and run OS/8. It;s a lot or work, but I don’t have much else to do. I find it fun to make some of the old junk I have work again. But keeping up with all the updates in everything computing makes me feel like I’m driving a tricycle in a NASCAR race.
I’m barely literate in KICAD, but have pounded out a half dozen or so PCB’s. I really should take some time to learn it better, but that takes away from other projects and I do not need to be an expert.
I’m rather ignorant about the KICAD file system. This maybe a good place to start. Then I’d at least be able to rename all the files and maybe better organize them all. Thanks, Mike


If yoiu do not have hierarchical sheets, then for v5 try this on a copy of the project in another directory:

With KiCad not running, rename every file changing the wrongname part to rightname. This includes, wrongname.sch, wrongname.kicad_pcb, wrongname-cache.lib.

You should be able to then open the project

This worked just fine. I had a bunch of *.pdf and changed those also. Thanks, Mike

BTW at least upgrade to 5.1.12, the last release in the v5 series. This should not create any issues and should get rid of some small bugs. You’ll find the Windows versions here: Downloads | KiCad EDA

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Hey @mike_z: Are you on greenkeys? I’d love to see some pics of your pdp8e – do you have a link? -gil

For renaming of multiple files that have some type of common name part, or to change the spelling as you are trying to do, you should try Find and Replace (FAR), which is available from
The learning curve for the interface will be a little steep ---- it is not entirely intuitive — but once you get the gist of it, you will find it very useful for such things.
But as noted in another reply, make sure that KiCad is not running while you are doing this.
You may want to make a (temporary) copy of the folder that contains all the project files, and rename that folder or put it in another directory (path) so that KiCad doesn’t find it.
After making the changes, open the new *.pro file and then open each of the individual files to make sure it is all seamlessly linked.

Thank y9u. I’ll give it a try. A few years ago, when I updated from Version 4 something to 5.1.4, all my old files were placed in the common directory. Maybe I can now separate each project into their own directory. In the past I only used KICAD for schematic drawing. I moved from OrCad to KICAD. I have only recently expanded into making PCB’s. My old projects would have been large boards (S-100) that are complex (a lot of wires). I did try to make one of the simpler boards into a PCB, but it turned into a big head ache. All my old boards are wire wrapped. I appreciate all the help, thanks, Mike

Moving to Windows 10 isn’t as bad as some people make out providing your pc is fairly modern.
Most the bugs are out of it now.
And its more secure than previous versions of Windows.