Python Library for Planar Magnetics

@dzimmanck You know KiCad has built in package manager now, right? I believe your tool will be much easier discovered and installed by users and as a result more useful to the community as a whole if it is in kicad official repository as a plugin. But then, I’m biased, I developed the whole system and like to see it used.

Check out KiCad / KiCad Addons / Package Metadata · GitLab for instructions on how to add a package. There are bunch of merge requests there already for examples.

I might do that after a get planar_magnetics 0.1.0 released to PyPi, in which case the Addon would just include it has a dependency.

Plugin manager doesn’t support dependencies right now. You have to either repackage the code into PCM package (preferred) or do what KiKit does and prompt user to install pypi package manually if it’s not available.

I am working on fractional turn support in the library which will be useful when completing an integer number of turns over several layers. Here is a 2.5 turn example.


Recently added support for 3D model generation of the cores which verifies the accuracy of the pcb cutouts.


Hi, dzimmanck, maybe this is interesting for you, as something really similar has already been done in KiCAD v6. It is online and free, and you can download the generated project for editing, so maybe it can help you:

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