Purpose of unit path entries in schematic

After fixing things in schematic libraries and updating the schematic itself I got those strange entries starting with “AR Path” in my schematic file:

U 1 1 59EF10C3
P 2600 3600
AR Path="/59EF10C3" Ref=“N106” Part=“1”
AR Path="/58751184/59EF10C3" Ref=“N106” Part=“1”
F 0 “N106” H 2600 3600 39 0000 C CNN
F 1 “NETCHANGER” H 2600 3750 60 0001 C CNN

It seems they add unnecessary redundancy. What is their purpose ?

AR should only appear in the description of a component into a hierarchical sheet.

Have you added, edited and deleted any hierarchical sheet?

One of those lines is incorrect, or both. You can’t have the component N106 in 2 different places.

Yes, the affected components are placed in hierarchical sheets. I edited some things in those sheets (moved nets and components) after updating the schematic after modifying the affected components in the lib.

The AR Path is the path from the top sheet to the inner sheets. Some garbage still remains and it shouldn’t.

You should guess the real path of N601. I’m presuming N601 is a component with only one unit, there is not a N601 Part=“2” unit for the same component.

59EF10C3 is the internal name of the hierarchical sheet. In the first line, the sheet is placed into the top sheet. In the second line, the sheet is placed into the sheet 58751184, that is also contained in the top sheet. You can see the path as a folder path.

Once you know which is the right line, delete the other one with a text editor. Don’t forget to back up before editing, just in case.

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[quote=“pedro, post:2, topic:8254”]You can’t have the component N106 in 2 different places.

Ohhh, I think you can make KiCad believe that it can… almost.