Proper way of dealing with supplier's components

Now I can finally order PCBs with SMT assembly. I created a certain work method. The most work is finding the PCB supplier’s parts. You need to check if your supplier has the parts and in the case of JLCPCB you need to check if it are basic parts (because of $), you need to check if there are enough of these parts if you plan to reorder certain things etc

In order to save me some trouble I made a general schematic with various sheets. In these sheets I add the part numbers. So if I copy the sheet’s content I already have the part numbers which makes ordering alot easier. I made sheets for rs485 interface, buckconverter and I have this sheet with atmega328, matching crystal (I hope atleast), my own ICSP connector in 1.27 pitch and a config button + resistor for which I usually have need.

For every new part that I use, I must find it at the supplier’s. So for every exotic resistor value…
I just had the thought to add a new sheet with all the small and basic stuff. Capacitors, most used resistors, mosfets, leds etc. While making a schematic I could simply keep this sheet open and copy those things that I need.

But I was wondering if this is the best approach. So far it works well for me, so I guess it’s alright. I am merely curious if there are other/better workflows I might want to adopt?

I get that resistors are somewhat tricky because every value uses the same schematic symbol. But for things like idk shiftregisters in soic, can you add the part numbers to the symbol library?

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You might want to read about the upcoming database libraries feature: Post-v6 new features and development news - #68 by craftyjon There’s a long discussion linked to from there: KiCad: The case for Database driven design - #51 by craftyjon Some intrepid users have started experimenting with the feature.

Such things are sometimes called “design blocks”. At the moment there is no direct support for this, but it has been mentioned a few times on gitlab.

I use different approach that solves the problem of part numbers and not helps directly in ready schematic blocks.
I use only my own libraries (both symbols and footprints) and never change anything with symbol after placing it at schematic. To replace 100n with 10u I delete one capacitor and insert second one from library being at the same time sure that if new one needs bigger footprint it is done automatically (each my symbol has footprint assigned).
I have only my libraries in KiCad library lists so there is no risk to get not my symbol.
About schematic blocks - I can freely copy a part of my old schematic to new one.

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