Project review: 1-wire distribution board


To me it looks like the copper is right on the edge of the hole. I recommend using Schematic symbol Mechanical -> MountingHole_Pad, connect it to ground and then use mounting hole symbol with exposed copper “shielding” for the correct screw size, for instance Mounting_Holes -> MountingHole_5.3mm_M5_Pad_Via for M5 screws. You can see the isolation from +5V on top and the quite large pad to counter for the M5 screw head. On bottom there is thermal relief connections to GND. I also rounded the corner.

Raytracing rendering was not nice to me on bottom side of the board?


Will definitely do that on the next revision!


With these pads added I set the zone connection type to ‘solid’ since there’s no need for thermal relief.


I agree with you. For some applications it could also be meaningfull electrically to have better connections to ground/screw hole.


Looks like thermals to me to electrically connect the mounting hole to the plane. If you aren’t soldering to the mounting hole maybe change the property of the mounting hole to solid zone connection to help strengthen things.