Project/Files backward compatibility

Maybe because 5.1 is officially not supported anymore and has known security problems (Gerber Viewer) that have been fixed in 6.0.2 and later? (So one feels guilty only once during conversion to the old version instead of the whole time one is socially incorrect for not using 6.99… :upside_down_face:)

Old doctor joke, adapted:

Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I open Nightly files with Stable.
Doctor: Well, don’t do that then.

If you must dabble with Nightly then keep the two project sets separate. I don’t see any point in suggesting hobbling the devs with a compatibility requirement that levies an opportunity cost. Not that the devs will allow themselves to be hobbled anyway.

Why do this, why do that… This is about possibilities, not the opposite of possibilities :slight_smile:

Everything is possible for armchair pundits.


The whole purpose of the nightly is to find the horrors.

6.99 is the domain of the masochists… and those who delight in reporting bugs, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

You want to work, use 6.0.4. You want to try to build sand castles before someone kicks them over, or into your face, use 6.99.

EDIT: I like masochists (whether they delight, or not, in reporting bugs).

If it wasn’t/isn’t for them, 6.0.0 & the future 7.0.0 would/will be dragon infested houses of horror. :dragon: :dragon:


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