Problem with version 5.0

First well Done and Thanks to all the develops that have worked hard to acheive this milestone. i do think that kicad is now a major cad player now. However can any body help, when i go to open old schematic i get the follwing.
Error loading schematic file “G:\Projects\24vpsu\24vpsu.sch”. missing ‘EELAYER END’
Anybody know why ?

With which version was the old schematic created?
Can the old schematic be opened in said version?

Thanks for gettting back to me.
opening a schematic in Notepad++ the version is EESchema Schematic File Version 2
I dont realy want to go back to version 4.7 it takes all morning to install version 5.0.

If you are migrating from v4 to v5, I think they fixed this, but in the beta/Nightly I use this method:

But appear to be not related with this old issue.

Sort of… I think the schematic parser was rewritten, and since the file formats are not documented the author overlooked support for old files formats.

I would look at a recent schematic file and add whatever is missing.

Oh also, worth raising a bug report because KiCad devs sometimes like to keep backward compatibility.


I looked at an old schematic file and it has the following

EESchema Schematic File Version 2  date 16/06/2012 16:16:38
$Descr A4 11700 8267

--- etc ---

So this is even older than the old 2013 KiCad that used to hang around on the download page, presumably “V3”.
@Mark_Stowe should raise a bug report for this with a sample file. Several of the developers likely don’t have anything so old to test. The project tries hard to maintain backwards compatibility.

Thanks to everybody, I will go in with my trusty text editor and try and rescue them.

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