Problem with VCC + GND connections and the ERC checker


Hi All,

I have 4 of the same chip, and I wanted to connect their Grounds together, and their VCC to the same rails.

I have a valid GROUND and VCC (+5v) rail and have connected the ground pins and appropriate VCC pin to the appropriate rails.

When I run the ERC checker I get the errors:

As you can see, I believe the GROUND and VCC pins are connected in a valid way? Please help:

These are the ground and vcc rails:

The ground and vcc comes from the top left power connector (note the 5V and GND rails at the bottom are the ones you see in the image above, and are connected to A1-A4:


You have several errors. The first one is you need to add a power flag to the GND net.

I would strongly advise use the GND power symbol instead of tracing the ground wire all across the schematic, this will make it much easier to read and less prone to mistakes!

The second thing I notice is on CP1, it needs junctions dots to connect to the wire, otherwise it is not connected.


You seem to have several bad connections :

The small square on the end of a wire or pin disappears when it is properly connected. The two places circled in red need to have junction dots to connect.

The small squares highlighted in blue show two wires that overlap but do not connect. In KiCad overlapping wires are not connected, they must meet end to end. When they do, the small squares will disappear.

The ERC report is often confusing, because where the error is reported is often not where the error is! You need to trace along the net to see where it didn’t connect.


I think there are some more missed connections here, hard to spot :

I try to avoid wires overlapping symbols, text or even other wires if possible. In this case you can simplify the drawing a lot by using the GND power symbol.


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