Power symbols for 12V source and 5V regulator

Right now, I plan to create a PCB shield for an Arduino mega.

I plan to have it powered with a 12V LiPo battery connected via screw terminals, which will initially power the DC motors, but I want to include a 5V 2A regulator to control other smaller components. I have the schematic wired up, but when it came to the power source, it got messy.

I connected a PWR_FLAG icon to the + and - ends of the screw terminal, and have the DC motor drivers connected directly to the 12V source. Then, I have the 5V regulator connected, and have all of my other components connected to the 5V end.

As you can see, it got messy connecting all the wires together, so how can I prevent this rat nest from happening? Would it be appropriate to place a 5V power symbol at the 5V end of the regulator, and have my other components connected to the 5V symbol?

and if so, how would I apply this to my motors, since I can’t find a way to differentiate between the 12V and 5V sources.

You might benefit from following the second part of Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started) (the “improving the schematic” section, especially the subsection “Connections Without Wires (Power Symbols and Labels”).


Something wrong with the bottom connections to C1 and C2

Even not using power symbols you can have less mess. I see many wires going from 5V together somewhere (to left down, and to right). There can go one wire.

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