Post-v6 new features and development news

Properties panel has been turned on in the PCB editor. This lets you quickly change many properties of selected items.

(show/hide with the tools_24 button on the left toolbar, or the View menu)


Improved H/V/45° mode when drawing zones and polygons.


Thanks to a lot of work by @adamwolf, Alexander Dewing, and others, KiCad now runs natively on Apple’s arm64 architecture.

Starting on 11-Dec-2022, the macOS nightly builds are universal binaries with native arm64 support. Version 7 will be the first stable release with arm64 support.


kicad-cli pcb export gerbers

Has been added, separate from the gerber (non plural command). This one allows exporting multiple layers in one go in separate files and even has a --board-plot-params arg to use the settings and layer selections already saved in the pcb file. (You can use it without that arg and define some of the same settings on command line)

kicad-cli sym export svg

Allows exporting all of a library or specific symbol in a library to separate svg files.

There’s also

kicad-cli sym upgrade and kicad-cli fp upgrade that are meant for KiCad librarian usage to manage the official libraries but they are available to all


KiCad 7 is being released this weekend! If the forum mods could create a Post-V7 version of this thread, the new stuff has started to roll in :slight_smile:


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