Plugins list or suggestions?

Is there a list of available plugins? All I seem to find are BOM plugins. If not a list do you know of one you like and use?

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From the KiCAD homepage at, select “Discover” > “External Tools” to see

I know, from watching this Forum, there are many other Python scripts and applications created by users from time to time. Of course, some are redundant, some are outdated, and some fit a very specialized niche. I tried a couple of the BOM formatters and decided they didn’t fit my requirements closely enough to be useful. I also used a DXF export tool that was superior to KiCAD’s native DXF exporter, but haven’t had a need for it beyond a one-time requirement.

I don’t believe anybody has tried to assemble a listing of what’s available much less actually catalog them.


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I think that @devbisme did start a repo to catalog various ancillary programmes. The repo is still open and available for anyone to fork and add any additional scripts and utilities.

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Thanks guys. When I searched for Kicad plugins I got BOM plugin pages and the API docouments on