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I made several Simple Plugins and they work, including some Java .Jar’s called by the Python plugin code.

Another plugin, also setup as a Simple Plugin partially works: It runs but won’t save or load files (database and .txt). It works fine as a stand-alone app but not as a plugin.

I converted it to a Complex Plugin but can’t get Kicad to recognize it. It’s in a folder inside the Plugins folder.

I tried various code/optional tweaks but no luck…

Any tip’s appreciated. I’ll post the .jar app if wanted…


Does the directory have a file?

Yes, the Complex Plugin does.

The ‘simple plugin’ does not have an init (not required per tutorials).

FYI - my first test of using a very simple Complex plugin failed - could not get it recognized.

To debug your complex plugin not loading look at these variables in pcbnew scripting console


First will tell you which plugins failed to load and second will tell you why. If you don’t have any mention of your plugin in those then you didn’t write properly. Don’t forget to instantiate and register() your plugin in init file.

Regarding failing to write files there could be permissions issues. Either way add step by step logging to your plugin to figure out what fails.


Thank you, @qu1ck - that was easy! I struggled and struggled and kept overlooking a Typo!!!

It now runs as a complex plugin - same results a running it as a simple plugin. Not writing the files - they are set for full Write/Read access (was hopeful the complex aspect would fix the file problem…). No errors reported now, so, I’ll play with it a bit and report back.

Thanks again for the help!

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