Pin Headers Where?

I’m new to KiCad but have created a schematic that turned out very well. Working on my second one but stumped on where the pin headers are. I have searched and searched but cannot find what library they are in our how to download. Help appreciated.

The are located in conn library.

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Thank you Intart, that is just what I needed. I’m now wondering if there would be value to adding other names to library items so they can be found more easily. For example: I think of the pins we solder to board for various reasons as Pin Headers or just Headers. They are connectors but to me connectors are more refined such as a Molex or USB or 3.5 mm audio. Also, similar items are named differently in other contries. In all my searching I did not find anyone directing me to your perfect reply and believe me I searched for a very long time.

Again, Intart, thank you for your reply and very timely as well. Take care.

“Connector” is the generic term for anything that make a connection. “Header” doesn’t seem logical to me - the head of what? :confused: Vendors are a useful guide to categories - if you look at Digi-key etc, “Connectors” includes every type of connector.

But either way it’s just a convention that becomes second nature once you know it.

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For general Library Scans, see also the great Library to PDF work here -

You can scroll that, and find a whole range of footprints, with names you may not have guessed

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How many apprentices have suppressed a desire to kick (or worse) a master craftsman every time he says, “It’s really easy once you know how to do it.”? Or, at least bite your tongue rather than blurt out, “But it’s damn frustrating when you’re trying to learn how to do it!”.

Every craft and specialty has a nomenclature and syntax associated with it. Being able to identify something by its specialized name doesn’t mean that you understand its function or operation, but knowing the names is usually a necessary step toward understanding.

The term “header” still feels uncomfortable to me. They’re not at all like the “header” of a letter, or the “headers” atop a piston bank of an engine. “Pin header” is an improvement - at least they correlate to the visual image of a “pin”. When I first encountered them in the mid to late 1960’s, I think I referred to them as “terminals”. In my mind they were functionally and physically similar to the “terminal strips” which were used for point-to-point wiring of the systems and devices where I first learned electronics - that’s right, radios that glowed in the dark.


This could be a fun discusion …
As an electronucs child of the 80s, a terminal has a screw, but a header is a crimp or IDC thing.

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‘header’ has been around a while, and some history may be here -

I took ‘header’ to mean where the wired mating cabled was heading, or even head as in _head_waters…

You know, some Germans call these things Pfostenfeldsteckverbinder, in english this would give pole-array-plug-connetors.

Funny that pinhead is a word as well.

Yes, I vaguely recall that the term “Berg connector” was popular for about 6 months or so.