Pcbnew external plugin?


Ahhh. Thanks bobc. How do you select in default canvas? And Cairo canvas? Perhaps I need a tutorial as well.


It’s not possible, the UI is different. Cairo works like OpenGL.


Gah!! I use IsSelected as part of interaction with the tools I create. And I test in OpenGL. Is there any equivalent to IsSelected python function for Default canvas? Sounds like the answer is no, unfortunately.

bianchi, to select the module, you have to be in OpenGL. Then you should be able to run the upgraded bga tool.

Thanks for your persistence in leading me to understand more about KiCad!


As far as I know, I think the only GUI way for the user to specify modules for a script in Default canvas is to type module names into a dialog, which is obviously isn’t ideal, but I suppose the next worst alternative is to make a command line version the user can call from the console.

I have fingers crossed for a speedy 5.0 release!


When I selected it I can not click BGA tools ??


Which canvas are you using: Legacy or OpenGL?

Try pressing F11, or select View Menu > OpenGL Canvas.

Then you can select the module by clicking between one of the pads. Then selecting the bga tool menu item.

Does that work?


I got this : Enter Number of Layers to Skip ?

What should I fill ? thanks


I filled 1 and 1 then I got the capture attached,

How can I make the pads smaller ? thanks


How can I make the via hole and size smaller automatically ? How to set it ?


I can not change Via size,

it’s 0.8mm/0.4mm and there is no other options,

how can I change it ? thanks


In PCBNew, click on “Design Rules”. Then select the “Global Design Rules” tab, and enter parameter values under “Custom Via Sizes”.

KiCAD will not accept a custom via size that is smaller than the global “Minimum Via Size”. Also remember that your board fabricator will have limits on the smallest drilled hole, and minimum annular ring on the via pad.

After creating a custom via size you may select it using methods similar to selecting a track width.



I got it, please have a look, now I’m thinking if I want to use
different layer,

for example all GND to layer 3, VCC1 to layer 4, etc, how can I
implement that ?



Look for the term “blind via” in the “Help” files, and on this Forum. Searching for “Buried via” may also be helpful.



Thanks for that screen capture, very usefull :slight_smile:


This one ?
file:///usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/kicad.html ?


Could it be somewhere here ? or else ?


Hi HiGreg, Thanks for the modification, I tried it with a BGA with 44 rows/columns and this is what I experienced:
-the via size is not what I have selected in the drop down menu
-it made a mix of 0.8 mm and 0.5 mm via sizes even having 0.4 mm selected
-the pads with net names got 0.5 mm and others 0.8 mm(I don’t have 0.8 mm via in my settings)
-the track width was 0.2 mm even though I don’t have this value in my settings (0.15 mm default) and (0.4 mm power)

Do you have any idea where is it getting those values which I don’t have even in my settings?

Many thanks


I don’t know anything about the program, I just modified for use within the current UI.