PCB manufacture

Does anyone has some good recommendation of PCB house?

Where are you based? Using a manufacturer in your own country can save some hassle with customs

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http://pcbshopper.com/ is quite useful. Not sure whether to believe the ratings, they are too easily faked, but the prices seem right.

Recommendations depend a lot on usage and desired quality. Are you ordering 1 off for hobby, 10 off quick turn round production prototype, 100+ production run?

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I have good experience with a China PCB fab called PCBWin. Their quality is good for sure, especially they care about my questions and requirements. Actually I am quite satisfied with their service. Although I am not sure if you want to buy pcbs from abroad, this fab is worth a try.

The topic of PCB manufacture attracts spammers like flies. So a new poster whose first post is to promote a web site is 90% likely to be a spammer (e.g. Bruno65). He will probably come back later and edit in the URL.

The OP is very likely a spammer as well, a new user signed up to ask a generalized question about a highly spammed topic. They do this to create the impression of innocent inquiry and sock puppets came in later to do the spamming.

Spammers don’t care about any discussion, they do it increase the page rank in search engines.

Unfortunately that means threads like these tend to be very poor quality, with 50% of the posters spammers or sock puppets, and almost impossible to tell genuine testimonials from fake ones, unless you are a long time user familiar with the people here.


Good points, we’ll see. I was inclined to lock the thread after posting the link to the former more fruitful thread about the same topic.

I agree, it is very sad when you have people who want advise or help to only be spammed by suppliers advertising their sites pretending to be a customer. Very sad indeed.
I do thank you all here, you have helped me a lot during my quite short PCB creation life. I love KiCad as it is such a great program. I just wish Arduino moved away from Eagle since it isn’t free software for most of us.

Seeed Studio Fusion are Ok for prototype boards. Last time I used them they charged $9.9 for 10 copies of 2 layer boards.

As a modest hobbyist, I am very well served by OSHPark.

They accept .kicad_pcb files… no need to generate gerbers.

Ordering process has always gone very smoothly for me.

I like them so much, I wrote this (unofficial) guide…


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For PCB house selection, you should take multiple elements into consideration: your circuit design vs the PCB House’s manufacturing capabilities, your project schedule vs the PCB House’s lead time, your project’s budget vs the PCB House’s charging, customer services, responsiveness, etc.

Please share more details about your project so that we can do some recommendations.

I have been using these guys in South Korea. They are very easy to work with and have excellent capabilities and service.


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Hi guys, I recently used HackVana to make some boards for a work-related project. I’m pretty much a noob at board design (I’m a Controls Engineer and had to teach myself KiCad).

Mitch was incredibly helpful and responsive. The turn-around time was impressive, as well as the cost. Overall I would say that HackVana is the way to go!

Thanks for pointing me to HackVana!