Outline of footprints not showing after filling GND zone

I have recently started learning KiCAD and am following along with a digi-key tutorial. After connecting all the necessary pins, we were supposed to add both a F.Cu and B.Cu GND filled zone to connect all the GND pins. After I added the zones and filled them, the outline of my footprints were covered by the zone and only the pins could be seen (as can be seen in the image below).


However, in the tutorial I’m following all the outlines and labels of the footprints can be seen.
I am not sure what I am doing wrong and would really appreciate if someone could assist me with this problem.

I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

This is an auto-generated message that is in place on the “footprints” section of the KiCad.info forum. If I remove it and ask for a footprint to be designed anyway, I understand that I will be subject to forum members telling me to go design my own footprint or referring me to a 3rd party footprint site.

The active layer is always shown on top. You currently have copper active and you have it on full opacity. To see silk with your current color theme make the silk layer active. Alternatively switch zones to outline mode instead of solid.

This is handled as part of my getting started tutorial Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started) (Section “Zone visibility”)

Also, itis useful to drop the transparency of the layers a bit as this affects zones and traces but not pads.

5.99 is a bit more granular and this is very useful

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