Oslon Black Flat: complex footprint generation

Good day everyone!

Well, I am quite new to Kicad, and well, my duties and the lack of finished products in the market led me to learn how to use this program.

Well, the thing is that I need to create the footprint and entire mcpcb layout for an Oslon Black Flat (Like the one in the image)

The problem comes when I search for info about how to use KiCad, and it is all focused in how to make normal plates and no about how to make these big copper areas to work better as a heatsink.

My question is, should i just make a huge copper area (in this case 4 areas) and then later give the form of the footprint with the soldermask?

Is there any other better option?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

You can do it using “Copper zones”

It is also similar to other non copper zones.

I’ve never used MCPCB, do you still need large copper areas? I guess it does no harm to add them.

I would still be inclined to create a footprint, since it is easier to reuse. There is a detailed spec in the datasheet

You probably also read the application note regarded thermal management, a useful read

I haven’t seen anyone using MCPCB with KiCad, I think it should be OK. I’m interested to see how you get on.

Look at any footprint for a package with an exposed pad. (search for -1EP in for example the dfn_qfn lib.)

For thermal vias take a look at any footprint with _ThermalVias suffix.

These footprints are better in the new library. QFN-44-1EP_9x9mm_P0.65mm_EP7.5x7.5mm_ThermalVias as an example

Hi @Toxic_Avenger
you may find this useful:

This footprint is using Poly lines and Rounded Rectangkes, which are available only on dev KiCad release (the upcoming v5)

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