Non square pad footprint


Hi there,
I’m designing a footprint for the SIM800H GSM GPRS Module, and as you can see on the screenshot the pin 77 have an unusual shape. I hanven’t found any parameters or tools on the Pad properties to do this trunked square shape. Any idea to solve this ?. Thanks.


In 4.0.7 you can use several overlapping pads with the same number.

In the soon-to-be-released version 5 you can make a polygonal pad.

But the question is: why? I don’t see any good reason to have such shape, other than that it conveniently points to pad number 1. Functionally it could as well be a rectangle.


If the “lead” shape is made this way having the pad also this way will get better results. (the copper pad does not necessarily need this shape but the paste layer should not add paste where no “lead” is located.)


YES, operlapping pads with the same pin number solved this problems, Thank you very much.:fu:
I think the main reasons for this shape, is in case we lost the sticker on the top of the case, we can identify the pin1. There is no other physical marking.


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