Need 6SN7 tube symbol & footprint

ah ha! thanks for the tip on speed…
Yes that is the screenshot/picture of the correct dimensions in inch’s.
I apologize for confusion…In the above picture there is no center hole required in the PCB, just the 8 pin holes for the socket pictured. I’m not sure how much larger the pin holes need to be in the PCB for good solder flow around pins given that nominal pin diameter is 0.07"…thanks for all your support…I’m learning.

Clarify, please…

The sketch shows two Pin Center Dim’s: 0.7835" (dim lines) and 0.7135" (Text below)

That’s a 1.8mm delta. Too big to ignore for pin circle. I need Center-to-Center dim…

The 0.7835 is outside to outside of pins…the 0.7135 are pin center to center.

Perfect! That’s what I thought but wanted confirm…

Will be done soon.

The Symbol (Preliminary below)… I set all pins to Bi-directional but, you can Edit/Change them when it’s all done…


very cool…I’m in Seattle where are you?

I hope I did this correctly…in middle of snapshot you can see the BlackCoffee in (project) library. I assume this is where I would store the files you send?

I’m in Portland, OR (actually, 10 miles south Lake Oswego)

Library looks ok… you can set folders where you want them as long as permissions are set and Kicad Path’s are setup…


• Symbol (.lib) - You need to Relate the Footprint to it as it references the File location on the host’s machine: 6sn7.lib (701 Bytes)

• Footprint (.mod): 6SN7_r1.kicad_mod (1.3 KB)

• STEP & WRL (if needed): 6SN7_r1.step (81.7 KB) 6SN7_r1.wrl (336.2 KB)

• DCM (not really needed, it should Auto create when you setup the files) But, here it is:

• Drawing

You can Edit/Change what you want…

Some images:

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WOW…very cool. Now I’m going to figure out how to load…thanks very much

oops, forgot the .dcm file, attached

d_angled.dcm (48 Bytes)

You might want to add that to your post with the other links just to keep them all together for future visitors.

OK…bit of issue…I was able to bring the symbol into my eeschema, and I added the footprint to the library and made association in assign footprint, but when routing wires in the eeschema they wont connect to the pins in the symbol you provided…any hints?
Thanks for the .dcm

Can you post a picture?

This is usually your clearance settings. ( Opps. I saw footprints and routing wires but missed eeschema so was thinking PCB)

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Have you actually drawn the schematic, or just put the tube symbol in schematic editor and a matching footprint in the PCB editor?
In this case, the traces drawn “from the air” will not allow you to connect to tube socket’s pads.
First you need to define valid connections in the schematic.

I’m not sure which post you refer to (I’ve posted too many times to keep it clear in my head - should have made a list… Hindsight!)

But, here’s a list / links to My YouTube Vid’s (PCB related) - Let me know if you want me to do something in furtherance to this… Thanks):

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I meant edit the post with the other download files to include the .dcm so future visitors who might find the original post and not read down don’t miss it. I was going to do it but it wouldn’t have had the ‘dot’ format.