My major frustration with KiCad + footprint talk

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But some of the manufacturers does not spoiled us - Ti for example - and it calls their items using several suffixes depending on whether they pack it into a small roll, large roll, extra large roll, tray, tube, RoHS or without. This desn’t help. Then there are problems, where the BOM says of the 2500 roll, but I managed to buy 10 rolls of 250
[/quote]This is exactly why you are better with an intermediate internal “house” number. You don’t want this level of detail appearing on a schematic or Fab drawing. Only the assembler purchasing need this level of detail and they are at spreadsheet level or using something like SAP

Why would it be of any use to force a organization to learn an extra set of virtual part numbers instead of the actual one?

I also post process the BOM towards an SQL server so you can give the assembly house directly their internal numbers.

This way it’s quicker to switch assembly house and less work for them to import the job.

But I still do not in any way endorse or understand the use of home made part numbers.

Even if I never mount a KOA resistor in real life, why would I not use their part numbers instead of inventing my own.

One example of a virtual part number is the NATO stock number.
Places I have worked with internal numbering had their own manufacturing


If you are in an organization where it’s mandated, there is nothing to do about it.

But I would not voluntarily inflict this pain onto myself in my own home.

i had not made a request earlier

just rambled in other contexts

but now i did

pls support my blueprint

I subscribed, but can’t be of much help else as I already got like 10 balls in the air :cry:

@keruseykaryu, @davidsrsb, @cbernardo, @Nick123, @nicholas, @Andy_P, @Joan_Sparky, and everybody else who has contributed to this thread:

Thank You Very Much for your comments! I’m still going through all of them, understanding your methods and workflows, etc.

Just want you to all know I appreciate your time & effort.


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**Hi there, I to am having great difficulty with creating footprint(s) and then the Symbol associated with it. ! It’s just too much for me!
I finally can do a schematic and then the PCB. I now come up with just one error that’s bogus after running ERC!!!
Tried to do Copy & Paste (Snipping) of doing a FootPrint but it just copied text and not the graphics as you see it.
This has caused me to say Goodbye to PCB Software!!
Thank you to all people on here that tried to help me!!
So long

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