Multiunit symbol reference/value placement same for all units

In those day’s more then 100 TTL chips in a design was no exception, so size porbably still was relevant.

These day’s tugging a few of these in the corner of a single flat sheet is also somewhat easier with small symbols.

The default Power Unit of the 74LS01 is over 10 times the size of a regular resistor (Not starting about R_Small).

Which is why kicad had this hidden power pins hack.

While i agree that the symbol is rather large i think the best option to get them smaller is the one shown for TL072 But well it kind of violates KLC which requires a rectangle to be placed (could be amended with an exception for power units but that is something for @chschlue to decide)

The left small experiment is in violation as well as KLC requires power pins on top and bottom not on the side.
The other small one could be an option but i am not sure i like it.

I am planning on implementing GitLab issue #4915 before the V6 feature freeze. Other than that, everything else has been pushed back to V7.

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