Multiple HighLight Wire


I am new on this forum but i use Kicad for my modelism hobby, see here all my projects .
I should like than Kicad team add multiple HighLight wire with several color possibility.
By exemple, use the key SHIFT for add a wire and keep first wire highlighted .

The goal is to see in same time several net !

Thanks for this fantastic software.


AFAIK there was a color highlight feature already implemented as customer request. Dont know the version but probably it will become commonly available with V6.

I don’t think multiple net highlighting is implemented (i highly doubt the message by @janvi).
However, there is a plan to allow rats-nest lines to be coloured per net and possibly even a net colouring mode for traces

I seem to remember a discussion either here or on launchpad but could not find it in the time I gave myself to search for it. The closest i could find was

I have also checked the git history (since 5.0.0) but could not find anything that would indicate anything like this is implemented. colour_commits.txt (21.3 KB)

The following things are planned for V6:

  • Ratsnest coloring by net or net class
  • Custom colors for wires in the schematic
  • Possibly: track coloring by net or netclass (may not make it in for V6)

Schematic wire coloring by net/netclass could also be possible in the future, since the new constraints system will make it easier to edit net and net class membership either on the schematic or PCB side. We’d have to look in to the UX for that, to make sure it’s not too confusing to have default wire color, custom wire color, and net/net class wire color.

Multiple net highlighting (using the highlight tool) is not currently planned. It could be discussed if someone opens a feature request for it.


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