Mr.Wayne Stambaugh be the PCB design contest judge?

I found PCBWay are holding PCB design contest, and when I check the details found Mr.Wayne Stambaugh as one of the judge. link is here Glad to saw that.
Recently if you have projects in your mind,you can take part in the activity,maybe you will be the champion.
Here is my project design, ,any suggestion for me?

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Hey, also Mitch Altman. Nice.

I’d vote for you, but I think I may submit one of my own designs. :wink:

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of course,I will vote for you too. What is your design this time?

If its the same for you, here is another made-with-kicad project I made that could be worth a thumbs up =)

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The design is good, Yes,it worth a thumbs up,I support you

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