Moving from Python to Lisp/Lua


That’s great, sounds like very good progress.

Other simple scripts you may like to test are ones like

and this one is a plugin, more integrated, to a running PcbNew …


Its hard to maintain everything for developer, but you can though also get the query to be fulfilled by any of python or odoo development services provider.


I think simple interface in native python class to encapsulate C++ API function call would do. It also allow the maximum flexibility for backward, and forward compatible event C++ API function change so much. Allow a freedom on C++ API function call interface refactor without broken old python scripts if their always a set python codes can be make for old python interface classes work in similar manner. This way, also all other script languages added more easier too by addition native interface of it’s own.
And a C++ API direct function call should be enough for all other script language interface class to work.


I managed to get the wxpython-4.0 patch of @mmccoo working and ported it to be in mergable state. Now I have Python 3 with the new wx binding running:

The code can be found in a new wx-python branch which is on top of the python3 branch. Please read the commit message carefully, otherwise it will not compile due to a missing include of the Phoenix binding. It can be activated using -DKICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON=ON -DKICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON_PHOENIX=ON


I think you are getting the abstraction layer interface right and the wxPython 4.0 update you have done was another missing chunk. IMHO we should consider merging your changes in 5.1. Thank you pointhi, you have done very valuable work!


The Footprint Wizard is now also running. I managed to get it running with wx3.1 and gtk3 on Linux (some other config variants caused gui issues).

Thanks to @nickoe we also have a working windows build now:


Very cool to see this getting done quickly! Most distros are moving forward with having GTK3 I guess the issue would be LTS distros.