Mounting hole: EARTH or GND?

Since 3 months I am reading EN 62368-1:2014. “Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment - Part 1: Safety requirements.”
This is standard harmonized with EU LVD directive.

I had a 1.5 month break at page 143 (from 354 of Polish edition (in English language) version of this standard) because chapter 5.4.11 made me being very confused.
First I read more than 2800 mails that during last few years were collected at my PC by thunderbird to avoid asking of something that may be was discussed earlier.
Then I asked. You can find it here:
Except this I had (and still have) also few off-line conversations with those people.
Unfortunately I don’t feel as my doubts were clearly solved.

It is on what I spend time recently so have no time for KiCad :frowning:

In old EN-60950-1 you will easier find information about double insulation. That standard contained everything inside, while 62368-1 calls for details other standards.

You have my deepest sympathy :wink: I know the feeling.

Long time ago when I have written at that mail-list that I am reading 60950-1 for the second time and understand nothing I got answer: “welcome in the club” :slight_smile:

Logically I agree, however I’ve never delved into this because my designs weren’t designed to be powered by mains voltages.

Interesting statement, however very wrong. I wonder how made such a conclusion from my very qualified statement.

Words like “limited understanding” and “suggests” should make the OP consider looking further into this but its not a hard and fast requirement.

Oh and you forgot to mention the term “safety ground” or perhaps local circuit common … etc.

If something is under RED directive you have to apply LVD directive rules regardless voltage you use.
We are far away from KiCad now, but the question, from beginning, is rather not KiCad related.

Agree. There are better forums for this subject.

I guess so, but this thread was extremely helpful. Thanks everyone.

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Pretty much all my designs were either Aerospace or Automotive. Both follow different rules. BTW some Aerospace products were powered from 120VAC 400Hz and at least one was 3 phase.

Many EMC and Safety electronic design aspects are directly related to:

  • schematic design (in/out/supply ESD/Burst/Surge protection/filtering, slope limiting, communication lines insulation, …),
  • PCB design (GND conception/zones, return paths, differential pairs,…).

And this way they are indirectly but close related to KiCad. I think they are closer related to KiCad than to other electronic forums where people are more focused on how the electronics/software work.
But it is certainly not about solving user problems with KiCad software use.

The institute where my father worked received a World War II bomber for demolition. That way being a 10…12 years old I had 24V->120V converter consisting of a connected engine and generator. I also had a device for dropping bombs after 1, 2, 4 and 8. It looked like a washing machine programmer. By turning it manually, you selected how much, and then an electric impulse caused the knob to rotate and output the pulses to the appropriate outputs.

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The thread will be closed. The reasons should be obvious: non-KiCad, potentially dangerous, internet…

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