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hello! I’m a new user here at kicad. I was in need of a footprint of a microsd entry like the photo entry below, I got it here on the forum. But the links for this footprint are unavailable, can someone help me?

Hello and welcome @Fox64

You say “like” the photo. Do you mean identical or similar? Do you have an identification for the part? Do you have a data sheet for the part?

There are many connectors in the Kicad footprint libraries. Have you checked there?

Welcome to the kicad forum Fox64. That footprint looks like a part I was just adding to a board today – funny timing. I got a stash of these years ago from overseas, and I like them since it is easy to hand solder with a blob and some solderwick. Most sockets seem to have the pins under the part which are reflow-only. Plus there are about 7 million different designs of sd card sockets with 7 million different footprints.

Anyway, I made a footprint for this ages ago, and it looks much like the one you showed:

You can try it out:
J_SD_Card-micro_socket_A.kicad_mod (6.9 KB)

I’ll leave the symbol creation up to you, as it is pretty easy to do and everyone should start building their own part libraries. You can make it look any way you want. Mine looks like this (I use spi mode, not 4-bit mode):

I am also pretty sure this is the same part that olimex offers:

…and they are available at mouser and dirt-cheap:


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the weather was extremely perfect kk. Thanks a lot

I tried to use the file released by you but it didn’t work

I downloaded it from the link I posted above, and yes, it opens properly in the footprint editor.

Unsure what you were trying to say.

this footprint works on any version of kicad, I’m currently using 5.1.12

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That’s a nice one Hayden – is that in the kicad lib with a 3d model as well? I don’t have those libs loaded on this machine to peek.

I’m having this error when loading the footprint


To use this footprint in Kicad, it needs to be imported to a Personal Footprint Library.

Do you have a Personal Footprint Library?

If you have, then open your Footprint Editor, then File > Import > Footprint then from the opened box, select Downloads > the Micro footprint > Open then click the Save, a new box opens, keep the same name but navigate and highlight your personal footprint library from the list of libraries shown.
Finally, click Save again.

If you do not have any Personal Footprint or Symbol Libraries click on this link to the FAQs at the top of this page to help you set up Personal Libraries.

we managed to solve the problem. It was just updating kicad

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If it helps the partnumber for this SD connector(?) is CTF110919138002

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