Matching (Reconciliation) the Footprint with its Symbol


I just created a symbol having 25 pins and tried my best to set up proper footprint.
Both for a shield, not for (simple) DIL package.

Ideally, of course, all matches - but, however, what is the best way to compare it in terms of number of connections and pin names?
I would like to have a check e.g. pin d09 (Symbol) has a d09 (footprint), a RST find it’s RST and if ther is only a d9 istead of the d09 (Or a RTS instead of RST) a error is shown?

Thanks and Cheers

Kicad uses the pin numbers (and pad number) to connect footprints with symbols. You will get an error message if there is a pin used in the symbol that does not appear in the footprint. (The error is generated when you update the pcb from the schematic or when importing the netlist)

Possibly helpful FAQ articles:


If i understand you right, using it is the test.
So I used it in the pcb desing.
It turned out I configured no D19 pin, but found two D18 pins instead in the footprint .
Fixed. All OK now.
Test well passed!

Thanks a lot!

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