Mask Layer - Copper Layer

Brilliant. I should have figured, doesn’t make so much sense to say where it goes I guess.

I don’t understand the chars reference :-s

Thanks everyone

If you have any problems with KiCommand, here’s the main thread.


Sort of off topic, I did have the everything on in 3d viewer, including solder mask. I switched it on and off, tried various things (realistic mode on/off, changing colour, other stuff). Can only see the board. Tried making gerbers and the solder mask layer shows up.

Next stop: KiCommand!

[quote=“mainwright, post:21, topic:6060”]
I don’t understand the chars reference :-s
[/quote]Minimum length post thing.

I tried this in 5.1.9 and it doesn’t seem to work. KiCommand says

3 operands left on the stack.

Any hints?

Please start a new thread, reviving old long threads annoys the readers.