Mask Defined and Pad Defined Pads

I am new to the PCB Design, I tried to search in the topics but could not find any useful info that I am looking. So I need to create BGA Footprints as Pad Defined and Mask Defined but I am not sure how I am going to do this. I know there are some clearance settings but not sure how to use those.

See How does solder mask layer work?


I have never used BGAs. But I think of those as being significantly more difficult than something like 0603 chips or an SO8 or SOT23. I wonder whether it makes sense for someone who has never designed a pcb to be designing one with BGAs? I guess only if you are prepared to treat this as a learning experience when you need to do it a second time.

As you said, it is not for commercial designing but for learning curve… BGA footprints are available in Kicad libraries. So just considering how SMD pads and NSMD pads will be defined using Kicad options.

Sounds good, Robin. I do power which does not use a lot of BGAs. I think that as time goes on, avoiding them will become difficulter. :slight_smile: Some GaN FETs are now in BGAs and I think there are other devices also. Please let us know how your board goes. I am at a stage where I will continue to try to avoid them…

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