Markup in text tool

When adding text (hotkey T in the Schematic Editor, Ctrl+Shift+T in the PCB Editor), text like ~{A} renders as A with an overline. Are there other markup commands apart from this tilde?

Yes, there is a Syntax Help in the add text box properties.


Thank you!

What variables can be accessed with the ${variable} syntax?

The “Syntax Help” link is available in the Schematic Editor but not yet in the PCB Editor (at least not in version 6.0.4, to which I downgraded after 6.0.5 was often crashing).

That link only shows in the Schematic and Symbol Editors, but also works in the Footprint and PCB editors.
6.0.4 is now superceded by 6.0.10 and 6.0.11. 7.0.0-rc is currently available and 7.0.0 will be released soon™. Maybe worth an upgrade?

Here’s an old thread showing some of them: New string replacement options for kicad assets

There may be some newer resource, but I don’t remember.

EDIT: ahh, found another list: List of all text variables available in nightly builds - #5 by JeffYoung

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