Manufacture cutting PCB

Often PCB manufacturers offer an attractive price for a starting PCB of 10*10cms. If I have small PCBs to make, I want to assemble them on a single PCB. I wanted to know the best way for the manufacturers to know that you have to cut, or in the worst case I cut them myself. In this case I had thought to make cutting lines with reinforced drilling. (Ex one hole every mm with 0.5 drill bit)
Yours answers please

Search for “mouse bites” or breakout tabs.
Or use V groove between boards, but this may cost extra. So ask your manufacturer.

Also search for “panelization” and you’ll find posts with links.

Something you might consider is that many fabs will combine shipping on multiple orders. Given that you can get 5 boards for $2 these days, you could order several lots for one shipping fee. You’d have to compare that with any extra chages the fab might levy for panelization. If you are thinking of doing your own cutting, FR-4 isn’t the easiest material to cut, and the dust isn’t good for you.

Do something like that:

In my case:

  • distance between PCBs is 2mm,
  • holes are 0,8mm
  • in row hole center to hole center is 1.2mm
  • between rows 1.4mm
  • 4.2mm center to center of half circles (r=1mm) at Edge.Cuts
    Holes at rows ends are opened to the 2mm gap. 3D viewer not shows it correctly.

This one I made by Copy-Paste defined set of 6 holes with arcs at Edge.Cuts but later I defined a footprint for that.

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