Making multiple BOM items for one schematic component

I would like to have one schematic component that includes two separate BOM items. I know this seems odd, but I have two 5mm fuse holder footprints that I need spaced 20mm apart. I want to be able to place them together without having to do it manually inside PCBnew which introduces accidental movement of the parts. So I created a single footprint that incorporate two of these fuse holder footprints and then spaced them appropriately. I can create a schematic component that has the two pins and connects to the footprints all fine and dandy. The problem is that I need to specify two components on the BOM for this single footprint. I know I could go and edit the BOM afterwards, but what if I also want the pick and place file to be able to locate both parts?

I would love to hear what solutions for this problem anyone has!


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I encounter the same situation for sets of headers that have a fixed orientation and spacing but are actually composed of multiple, smaller headers. I would love to hear an easier way to handle this.

Not sure how to do this right now, but this seems like another task where a “submodule with associated layout” feature would be helpful.

This is the solution I was looking for, thanks for saving me a bunch of time and a headache.

I never ran into this problem while using altium, but I wonder how they do it.

No need to re-invent the wheel though, thanks again for the tip.