Making Components with Multiple Parts

I’m trying to make a component with multiple parts and I’m running into some issues. I’m trying to make a symbol for a dual potentiometer with a switch. So I want one part to be the first pot, the second part to be the other pot, and the third part to be the switch.

The problem I’m having is with the shapes I draw on the parts. When I get to the third part I want to delete the lines and shapes for the pot and then add lines a shapes for the switch. However when I delete the items on Part C, they are removed from Part A and B. What can I do to just remove the lines and shapes from the third part?

Each graphical line (or circle or,…) has a property called “common to all units in component”.
Deselect this by pressing e above the line to open the line properties.

Also make sure that in the symbol properties you select “all units are not interchangeable”.

more information on multi unit parts (This “tutorial” describes how to edit a multi unit part where all units are interchangeable into a part where not all units are equal. But i think at least some of the information provided there might be helpful for you.)