Making a my own pad


I wanna make like this one. This is the touch pad. So I just made this pad , Through hole type. But I don’t wanna make hole. But i need this shape. How can i make this shape of pad without hole?

Do you need both layers ? If not, use an SMD circular pad.

In the top, i need a soldermask( small one size) and In bottom, I need the a shape like the picture, I need to make pad plated except the small one.

Ring shaped pads can be made by using a graphical circle as the primitive for a custom pad.

To make it:

  • place a graphical circle on any layer with your desired dimensions (radius and width) ( would do)
  • place a circular pad anywhere on the circle (one easy option would be the point [radius, 0] + circle center)
  • select the pad and the circle.
  • right click -> pad from shapes

You can now work with this pad like with any normal pad. But there is a bug regarding mask and paste handling in 5.1.2 (and possibly all previous versions of kicad 5)
This bug means that if you use clearances different to 0 (which you probably want) then the result will not look like you expect. The workaround is to have one pad per layer with the width set such that you get your desired clearances.

Oh and i am working on a python abstraction for ring shaped pads:

Another option is to approximate the shape with a polygon primitive for the pad. You will however not want to do this by hand. This would be what you get when using stepup for creating such a pad: Kicad StepUp: The Sketcher for Footprint generation

hmm… it dosen’t work actually, i just wanna make the pad of the picture without hall. Maybe i am doing in wrong way… is there any example picture or videos?

What doesn’t work? -------

In the footprint Editor, I bring the mounting hole that is planted, big circle’s diameter is 15 and hole’s diameter is 5 . I wanna delete the hole and put not planted circles in there(remain circles that is the shape of the ring ). But i don’t know how to…

Well the how to make a ring stuff is already explained above. Adding a non plated through hole should be even easier as it is one of the default options.

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