Make library active in kicad 5?

Why are the solutions to this question so different across the web? I can’t seem to get the same answer for this anywhere.

I am not really sure what your question is so i can only link to our FAQ articles that i think are related to your question.

KiCad Gui changes quite rapidly. In V4 you had to select a library as active if you wanted to edit items (symbols, footprints). In V5.0.x this concept was gone from symbol editor but was still present in footprint editor. And in V5.1.x this concept is completely removed from KiCad.

Obviously different resources available on internet used different KiCad version thus the confusion. Hope this helps

I’ve made a footprint in EEschema using the footprint editor and I would like to use my footprint in Pcbnew. How do I do that?

Ok. All of these articles keeep telling me to use a footprint library Wizard. I don’t have anything like that in my program. No wizard. What do I do?

The footprint library wizard was retired in version 5. Read the articles i posted above. (And ignore any tutorial that either does not give the kicad version it is valid for or that is not written for your version.)

You have your terminoligy mixed up. EEschema uses symbols not footprints! A symbol is the abstraction of the function of a component while the footprint defines how it is “soldered” to the pcb (it defines the land pattern) See What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

Also possibly useful:

But i can create a footprint in the footprint editor before I start the process in Pcbnew right?

And save it? .pretty Then pull it up later…

I have saved a .pretty folder with my program folder. but i cannot access it.

I’ve been trying to save my footprint and i cant open Pcbnew and open the footprint. The library is not active. What am i doing wrong?

Please work through the “how to make a footprint” tutorial. It goes through all steps you need to know. And then report back (if required) at which step you are stuck.

Probably you missed in PcbNew menu the position: Preferences -> Manage Footprint Library.

It all works. I am closing/leaving this thread. Thank You!

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