Looking for thru-hole tactile switch with LED

I’m looking for a part kit for using the 4-pin tactile switches with integral LED.

something like this? (In version 5, found in the library “switch”. might have existed already in version 4 but i am not sure about that.)

there is also one for a switch (SW_Switch_LED)

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Close. thanks. I’m looking for the schematic symbol and parts file for a 6-pin device. It’s 4 pins for the tactile switch and 2 pins for the LED.tactile_with_LED

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Simply modify the symbol i showed you.

Maybe also read the following faq posts:

And look at the button switch footprints and symbols already in the library to see how it is done there. (A lot of buttons have 4 leads but their symbol has only two pins. Maybe something similar will be the case for your component.)

Without a datasheet nobody will be able to give you more information.

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