Looking for specific 3.5mm jack footprint

I bought a few of these off aliexpress however I could not locate the specific footprint.

perhaps there are unofficial repos with this footprint?

I would be surprised if anybody has the exact footprint you need. I would suggest you see it as a learning experience and create one. We even have a tutorial for creating footprints on this forum: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?


I have a local supplier who sells components from china. To attract customers he does a lot of research and publishes it on his website. He finds drawings, like to one you have, websites, blogs, datasheets etc. Quite a lot actually.
The one thing he never finds is usable footprints.

You may occasionally find an individual who has made a footprint himself, but I have yet to find one that is correct. I recommend making one yourself and not waste time looking for it online.


The time and wasted effort I’ve put into trying NOT to put in the effort is monumental sometimes.

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Anyone who uses a connector footprint grabbed from the Internet without carefully checking it against drawings and a sample is asking for trouble. People seem to be always getting hole sizes wrong or drawing tiny mounting tab slots, too small for most routers.


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