Legends with background on the silk screen


I saw a pcb board with a very beautiful and clean silk screen. It uses a rectangle in white, and substracts the text

Here you can see a capture: https://imgur.com/0ADkMuw

Do you think we can do this silk in kicad?

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This can be done at the Gerber stage.

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Another approach is to create your text in a graphical program and generate bitmaps to be imported into your PCB.


we tried this today, use the subtract solder mask from silkscreen, and it works.

but, the text willl appear also on the solder mask :slight_smile: so, we have to generate one gerber, then hide all the texts, and generate the gerber again for the solder mask

we tried and it does not work well, because it rounds the borders and the text is illegible.

AFAIK, you could put the text that you want to subtract from the silkscreen on an unused documentation layer. (One of the two ECO layers? The comments layer?). That way you don’t have to generate the mask layer two different ways.

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Can it be that you try to import very small text with the tool ? 8pt or 10pt ? The best way to do it is to write your text with a big font size 40pt and when importing into KiCAD increase the DPIs to a big value, the default value of 120DPI is quite small.

In the example below the big box was imported with 600DPI and the small box with 1200DPI the components are there for reference (0603 and TSSOP-20)

Hope this helps!

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