Launch of Cvpcb shows component count but center window is blank

Version 4.0.0-rc2-stable Windows 7, 32bit
Emits some errors about missing files on GET to github on startup, I’d paste them
in here but the text is not select-able in the pop-up error dialog Just appears to be
footprints, they are all zip archives. If I delete the
netlist file it still shows 77 components. First time I tried to start this after creating
a schematic, now I am stuck. Is there a debug mode to enable to find out what is
not working here?

I think this is in relation to the fp-lib table being not up to date r something similar… without error msg hard to say, but check out these threads/posts:

Problem solved! I followed the steps from BobS and the parts now show up & I don’t get those github GET errors. I did search for this issue but did not find what you posted, so thank you very much! Apparently the install has issues because I had no errors on the installation and took all the defaults.