Labels, Hierarchical sheets and colors

Here are some features I think would be nice. I use one main hierarchical sheet which links to several other sheets. Hierarchical sheet can have color but the signals (label) cannot , it would be nice:

  1. if hierarchical and sheet-level pins could be set to a color, just like the sheet.
  2. when selecting a hierarchical sheet, use a hotkey that highlights all labels on the sheet that connect to it
  3. when selecting a label with a hotkey , highlight all the labels with the same name

Understand that the Kicad developers may suffer from feature-creep :slight_smile:
So just a kind request… Just in case these would be low hanging fruits to implement…

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Discussions about requests here.
Wish list requests need to go to Gitlab. Quickest way is “Help / Report bug” on Kicad.

This one is already implemented with the net highlight tool.

You can assign net classes in the schematic editor, and select custom colors for them. It does not change the color of the pins, but the wires (green by default) instead.

I think I sort of like this idea. Currently the Net Highlight (shortcut [Backtick]) does nothing when invoked on a schematic symbol or hierarchical sheet. Highlighting all attached nets (including labeled connections) can be a help in finding all the connections to a certain schematic symbol.

yes, i’d like that a lot (and mantaining the selection when switching from a page to another).

I guess that refers to PCBNew ?
In my situation I haven’t done the layout yet.
Could not find this function in eSchema.

No, I meant the schematic editor.

But also, by default, about half of the possible hotkeys do not have any key assigned. To have a look and experiment with this, go to: Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys and then search for some keyword you are interested in.

i’ve never realized that this is already there :sweat_smile: , not with an hotkey but close enough!
thanks @paulvdh!

Just tried highlight and it works for nets. What would be nice is to extend this , that if you would click on a hierarchical sheet when highlight is active to highlights all the nets linked to that sheet.

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