KiField updated

I tried before and for some reason it wasn’t working… I tried again just now and it works ! Much easier! Thanks a lot!!


is it possible to have KiField update fields in the schematic from the libraries ?

it would be very very useful

(not the reference designators but other and also add new fields from library)


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Extracts all fields and values from one or more KiCad schematic libraries or files
(even hierarchical designs), and inserts them into a spreadsheet (either
CSV or XLSX format).Extracts all fields and values from one or more CSV or XLSX spreadsheet files and inserts them into one or more KiCad schematics or libraries.

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So if done in 2 steps with csv in the middle i should be home free?

Will most certainly give it a go Asap

I don’t think KiField can extract fields from a library and then inject them into a schematic. KiField extracts fields from libraries that are indexed by the part name in the library (e.g., “7805”), but it uses the part reference when extracting from a schematic (e.g., “U1”). When it injects fields back into a library, it expects the first column of the spreadsheet to contain part names that it can search for in the library. So it will fail if it gets a spreadsheet from a schematic which has part references instead.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe I was a lot smarter when I wrote KiField than I remember. Let me know how it turns out!

would it be doable to inject fields into schematics from library ?

I wil not try if you have doubts about it


No, for the same reason: the spreadsheet will be indexed with the wrong information for finding the parts to inject into.

It’s not that these things can’t be done, it’s just that KiField wasn’t written to do it that way.

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I get “There are no field values to insert!”.

Basically, i was just trying to run a test case.

  1. created a sample library using KiPart.
  2. ran kifield from within the directory where the .lib lives.
    $ kifield -x cbc_pcbmodules.lib -i fields.csv
    There are no field values to insert!

Any ideas?

After i populated the datasheet field, the script ran as advertised! My mistake.
Thanks. -C


Can we have a dropdown or a browse button like what we have in footprint coloumn for value that user can select the value from a list of items or dropdown. And after making the change it should be reflected in schematic. Is it doable.?

I just created two plugins .Export plugin and Import plugin. Its getting listed in the external plugin lists when i click on export plugin kicad extracts schematic fields and exports it to a xlsx file(just ran the same kifield command in console using os module of python).This works fine…But when importing,the same command that we use to import from excel to kicad schematic is called in a python program using the same os module(same as what i i did for export).The problem is schematic is not getting update.but my import plugin is not showing any error as well.The same command if i call from the cmd, its working fine and changes gettiing reflected in schematic.
Import from excel to kicad is not working or shematic is not getting updated when we call kifield import command from a python program.