KiCon 2019, a KiCad user conference

Are there plans to record and post the lectures/seminars to YouTube or something for those poor unfortunate souls that are unable to attend ?

Yes, if there are experts on hand the ability to interact can be useful.

I am hopeful that Shawn Hymel will update/redo his step-by-step 10 part tutorial series for KiCad 4.7 to be applicable to 5.1. I used his video series for my first PCB and everything went very smoothly for me. Without his videos I think it would have been more of an uphill battle for me.

Try Dr. Peter Dalmaris’s “KiCad Like a Pro 2nd edition”. He covers KiCad 5.0 using a Linux OS and his “recipes” are great. It’s not free but it doesn’t cost that much either, I paid US$9.99.

@morganfeldon Have you not seen Shawn Hymel’s new v5 series on DigiKey?

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I will be at KiCon. If you see an old hippy nerd with one hand, probably me. Please say hello! I will also be at PS:1 Friday night (I am also a member…)

I am looking forward to a number of talks, esp the one on creating solder kits - always looking for fun ideas…

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