Kicad's 3D viewer as a standalone binary? Doable?


Sorry, from pcbnew not from the 3D viewer.

And sorry again, the nightly build not the stable.


have a look at
you can export your board and 3d models to STEP with kicad StepUp…
feel free to ask if you need further assistance


Is there a new 3D viewer? From the screenshots it looks like the one I’ve had for a year or two. Where can I read about it, and from which version is it available?


Hi @HSPalm,
the “new 3D viewer” we refer is the one that is not yet on an official release, only on nightly builds or build from source.
the “stable” version is the one you can official download on kicad website (version 4.0)

News about the “new 3D viewer” announcement (from almost one year):


I had excellent results with StepUp today with FreeCAD 0.16, but only recent Nightlies download the necessary STEP 3D models from GitHub for the macro to work with


Be careful with freecad 0.16. This version has a bug concerning step export.

If you want to export anything as step, either use freecad 0.15 or one of the newer 0.17 versions.


The bug is present only on FC0.16 on OSX and windows buildings ATM, still not released the patched builds


I don’t work with github libraries but with my local data and I don’t update frequently my footprints or 3D models unless I found problems in what I use.
So I just need to download only what I miss in a new project and eventually adapt my paths in case I need :smiley: